Welcome to Jagged Edge Gaming.  If you’re here, it’s probably because you saw us at a convention, or maybe by word of mouth, or maybe even psychic googlization.  Either way, welcome.  Jagged Edge is dedicated to bringing you not only the newest and most exciting games available on the market, but also some that haven’t been seen in years.

White Wolf  (Vampire, Werewolf, …)
TSR  (Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced D&D, Marvel, …)
Palladium  (Rifts, Beyond the Supernatural, …)
Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering, D & D 3.0+,…)
And more (Pathfinder, Traveller, TimeLords, Millennium’s End, …)

Our goal is to never say never, and as our stock is constantly rotating as older and out of print books are sold while others are obtained, Magic sets are put into retirement as new ones are printed, we often don’t have the same stock from one week to the next.  Something you’re looking for that we don’t have right now?  Drop us a note, we’ll try to find it for you, and let you know when we do.